Quantum Resort Theatres is now offering the opportunity

to create a  Luxury Commercial Movie Theatre  within a resort setting.

For the first time ever Resort and Event Guests can watch Newly Released Feature Movies without leaving the resort grounds.

Quantum Resort Theatres is the only company that can provide your resort with access to the full menu of digitally mastered movies, including First Run Movies and Classic Titles, because of our Exclusive Agreement with the Motion Picture Studios.

We can add a Luxury Movie Theater to your resort by incorporating a new venue or utilizing an existing event space or ballroom.  Our team can transform a medium to large-sized room into an Entertainment Palace by integrating the same design elements and technology being used by the highest level of commercial theatres today.


Your Movie Theatre can be as small as 50 seats or as large as over 150 seats. 


There is a wide variety of Theatre Designs and the overall costs can be scaled up or down based upon the type of design and the level of technical performance.


Our designers and project managers will work closely with your team to incorporate the finest Theatre and Entertainment Venue attributes within your existing or upgraded resort footprint.

     The Quantum Resort Theatres program provides these benefits:


  • A prolific generation of New and Repeat Guest Acquisitions

  • Significant Profits from Theatrical Ticket Sales 

  • Significant Profits from increased Food and Beverage Sales

  • Building your Brand Loyalty due to offering this Unique Entertainment Experience for your guests

  • Differentiating your Resort’s Five Star Entertainment Services from all of your competitors




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Corporate Office

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Tel: 949-240-4996



  • Each Quantum Luxury Movie Theatre is 100% owned by the resort and is provided as a premium amenity for exclusive use by Resort Guests.

  • The resort will generate Significant Additional Revenue with High Gross Margins from Theatrical Ticket Sales and increases in Food and Beverage Sales.

  • The cost of owning a Luxury Movie Theatre can be established as a Monthly Operating Expense rather than a Capital Expense, thus offering significant financial benefits.

  • We manage everything from design to installation to training your staff in order to ensure that your guests are not only impressed, “They will be in awe.”


The Quantum Experience includes our Computer Tablet-based Automation System which enables your staff to operate the theatre easily and efficiently.  Our Quantum Media Technology includes Digital Cinema 4K UHD Projectors, Theatrical Screens with Multi-Format Masking, Dolby ATMOS® Sound Systems, Room Sound Isolation and Acoustic Engineering, Motorized Lounge Seats with Food Trays and Cup Holders, Acoustic Wall Fabric, LED Lighting, and many other amenity options.